Cooking Appliances

You’ve never cooked like this before: our airfryers can make anything – and fast – from fried chicken to french fries to breakfast muffins, with less fat and more nutrition. The airfryer’s ability to fry, bake or roast makes it almost unbelievable: that is, until you’ve tried it.

These powerful beauties are ready for any recipe whenever you are. Brownies for 12? Easy. Onion soup for 6? No problem. The perfect bread dough? Piece of cake. When you’re done you can toss the food processors parts into the dishwasher and they’ll be clean before you put the kids to bed.


Cordless Telephones

The elegant and chic Philips 6000 series delivers stunning sound reproduction of HQ-Sound. It offers incredibly clear calls up to 300 metres from the base station. Enjoy an extra-large, high-contrast color TFT display and a host of other great features, enclosed in a sleek and refined body.



The Philips Fidelio range is borne through a passion for sound and design. From the engineering to the carefully chosen materials, every aspect of Philips Fidelio headphones is the result of a pursuit for perfection. The high fidelity sound signature is coupled with refined craftsmanship to give you the unique listening experience of the Fidelio collection. Philips Fidelio range – hear music as its meant to be heard.


Kettle & Coffee

coffee plays a big part in people’s lives, whether it’s something you love to wake up to or the perfect drink to serve when you’re feeling sociable. Great, rich tasting coffee always starts with the best quality beans. Then it’s all down to choosing how you prepare your favourite brew, so that it’s always just the way you like it.

Philips offers a range of different coffee makers, each designed to enrich those all-important coffee moments for you and your friends.

Our fast-boiling kettles are nearly silent – and they won’t keep you waiting. They’ll help you save time, energy and water.

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