is one of the oldest and biggest and main general merchandisers

M. A. Al-ZUBAIRI & BRO was established in 1970 importing different food products into the Yemeni Market. The company activities were extended beside the large sector of food products to different sectors which are Electrical, Electronics, beauty products and Engines Oil and Lubricants.

The company is now one of the leading companies in all these sectors whom always determines to provide best services and products to our customers with the highest international standards. One of the company's main  objectives is to continue to improve all its sectors in the Yemen market , as the same time to continue and maintain an excellent business relationship with our partners and companies we present.

The company always makes sure to exercise a decent and honourable policy for the way of dealing with our competitors and keep a good relationship with them.

Company History

The company was first established in the 1970s importing food goods into the Yemeni Market during the eighties the company expanded its activities to different felids such as Electrical, Electronics, Oil and Lubricants and beauty products .

Company Objectives

We are always determined to develop all fields which the company is involved with into the Yemeni Market. The company also committed to offering the highest and guaranteed products in order to satisfy consumers and delivering the best customer service possible.

Awards the company received

Our company was awarded as the best agent of 1997 by Philips Lighting Holland. Moreover in appreciation for the efforts made by the company in the commercial sphere, received the 29th International Award for Commercial Prestige in Rome, Italy 1999. Ambitions of the company in continuing to achieve its goals and make greater efforts in providing better products and services has not stopped here. In the French capital Paris in 2006 the company was awarded the agent of year by Philips Lighting for the effort to the position of Philips Lighting in Yemen and not only on the local scale, but on a global level.